Friday, November 10, 2006

Sexism in the Sandbox

Environmental Groups vs. Rona Ambrose

I understand the cause, I understand the passion, and I understand the desire to use language that is going to catch people's attention, but this is unacceptable. What are the chances that the same comments would have been made about a male in her position, regardless of how lovely his hair was?


Andrea said...

Well, I agree that the comments were infantile and probably didn't need to be said, but Rona Ambrose is a twit. She has gone backwards in the fight for reducing climate change and is definitely the worst environment minister yet. It's really too bad that her femaleness is what is being called to the table should be her lack of ability instead.

Allyson said...

I agree that the woman is a complete twit. And that's my point exactly - they had plenty of other ammo they could have used, and they chose to attack her gender. It's ridiculous.