Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nine Shades of Weird

Tag! I'm it.

  1. I hate having other peoples feet touch me, and I hate it when my feet touch other people. Frankly, I hate it when my feet touch anything, which is why my favorite TV watching position is sockless-with-feet-over-edge-of-couch. My family thinks this foot issue of mine is hilarious, and they'll often try to be sneaky and put their feet on me without me noticing, but it never works.

  2. I love shoes. Totally in contrast to number 1, of course, but I figure if I must confine my feet, I may as well do it with shoes that I love.

  3. I'm incredibly cheap. Totally in contrast to number 2, of course. I spend a ridiculous amount of time coveting the shoes of other people (particularly TV characters), but never actually buy the shoes I love for myself. This is also why I'm still walking around in several pairs of shoes with broken or worn down heels.

  4. I don't answer my phone unless I know the caller. Thank goodness for caller ID! This one drives The Husband mad, because I'll run across the house with a ringing phone to make him answer it if I don't recognize the number. When he's not home, I just let the machine take it. I figure, if it's important, they'll leave a message. So always leave a message if you call me from a number I might not be familiar with.

  5. I love spreadsheets. Yes I do. I think Excel is a program designed by the Gods to make my life more pleasurable. The more things I can think of do to with Excel, the better. While planning our wedding, I had spreadsheets for just about everything, including the shopping list for alcohol, on which the taxes and deposits were automatically calculated so that I knew what we were spending to the penny. That's right, if you didn't already know it (but who doesn't...), I'm a total nerd.

  6. I hate odd numbers except for multiples of 5. If I'm listening to the radio and the volume control is numbered, I have to set it to an even number, or a multiple of five. Same with watching TV. Sometimes, I swear that The Husband puts it on an odd number just to torment me.

  7. I love food, and I will try just about anything once, but I also have some very strange food habits. I hate for my food to touch, and if it does touch I must separate it before eating it. Sandwiches are eaten in layers, pizza pops are disemboweled and each type of ingredient eaten separately, cake is eaten from the inside out (cakey part first, filling second, and icing last), etc. This behaviour has been labeled odd by some, and totally disturbing by others.

  8. I eat paperclips. Well, not really, but at any given time you could walk into my office at work and find me with a paperclip in my mouth. Sometimes I play with them with my tongue, and other times I just chew on them.

  9. I only shampoo my hair once or twice a week. I wet it down and style it just about every day, but I don't actually put soap on it unless it's really full of styling cack. Now, you folks with straight hair are probably totally grossed out by this, because people with straight hair often *need* to wash their hair every day or it gets greasy, but that's not the case for *most* of us with frizzy/curly hair. Plus, frizzy hair is even frizzier when it's squeaky clean, which is generally not my preferred look.
I'm now supposed to tag nine other bloggers to do this on their own blogs, but I don't think I even have 9 readers, so I'm just going to tag Andy and Birch and if anyone else wants to play along, just leave a link to your post in the comments.


shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Just as long as you didn't have any spreadsheets planning the wedding night.

Allyson said...

I think hubby might have had the wedding annulled the next day if I had!

Birch said...

Hold on, so I'm supposed to post nine weird things about me? I assume you're fucking kidding. How the hell am I to choose? I should just take a poll and post the nine most popular. I think it would probably start with my OCD regarding my alphabetization of everything I own. Or reason I broke up the concrete in the basement to have a dirt floor cellar...

zandria said...

I love the #1 on your list! My family thinks I'm so strange because I hate being touched with my feet. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. Sometimes if someone is sitting beside me they'll touch me with their feet on purpose...but then they move once I direct the "STONY GAZE OF DEATH" at them. :)