Monday, November 06, 2006

It amazes me

how indignant some drivers can be, when they're actually in the wrong.

Case in point. I'm coming up 17th street tonight (which of course means nothing to the non-Valley people, but whatever), and I have a green light. I start to proceed through the intersection. The driver across the intersection who is waiting to turn left starts to go as soon as her light goes green (solid green, not a flashing green arrow), and then slams on her brakes and her horn simultaneously and shakes her fist at me. Now, I quite clearly had the right-of-way. What I'm really curious to know is if she realized her mistake and now feels like an idiot, or if she's off posting at her own blog about the crazy lady who ran the red light (as she must have presumed I was doing in order for her to have the right-of-way) and almost drove into her. I didn't notice if she had anyone else in the car, so whether there was an unbiased third party to point out to her what she had done wrong is unclear.

Interesting to ponder.

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