Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nothing like a little public humiliation...

This is several months old, but I just came across this picture and thought I would share.

For your viewing *ahem* pleasure, a picture from my bachelorette party. Yes, I am drinking out of a diamond shaped ring shot glass. Yes, I am adorned with many shiny sparkly things. Yes, that is in fact a veil made of bar bathroom paper towel.

This is the first time any of the pictures have been put out to the internets, as far as I know, and it may be the last.

The party was a blast, and I was surely and soundly humiliated by my dearest and closest friends, as per tradition. And I can't wait for the rest of them (you know who you are!) to get married so that I can return the favour. Bwahahahahaha.

In all fairness, I did get off quite lightly, compared to some of the other poor girls I've seen dragged around town in horrid getups. In fact, I fared far better than my husband - he may have made an even prettier woman than I did that night. But I'll save those pictures for another day...

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