Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well son of a ...

I'm an addict.

I spent an entire class this morning thinking about getting a fix.

And now, I find out that I can't get my fix here at the college, and I am saddened. :(

No, it's not a cigarette that I crave, or caffeine, or any alcohol or drug for that matter.

It's a game. A mind-numbing time-devouring game.

It’s called Hog Heaven Slots. Hours and hours of pig pokin' fun.

It’s available at a web site I have long avoided ( - Go on. Click it. You know you want to. Everyone else is doing it. I promise I won't tell.), until a good friend asked me if I wanted a 5-day guest pass.

Unfortunately, the game runs on a Java applet, which the college’s network bans from “calling home”.

So, I guess I’m back to studying... or blogging... or reading other people’s blogs... or any of the other distractions that I find to avoid actually working on anything important between classes. ;)

Le sigh.


Birch said...

"Pig poking?" That's sick.

Chandra said...

I told you poking piggies was addicting!!!

Darragh said...

I love pokin the piggies until they puke tokens. It is why I keep breathing.
Glad to know you are as addicted as the rest of us.