Sunday, January 07, 2007

I am in heaven.

Last night, I downloaded and installed Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. The Office 2007 products are not expected to be in stores until January 30th, but in the meantime you can get trial versions here to play with until the official release. The trial versions are fully functional until March 31st.

Now, that probably doesn't sound like an event that would cause so much glee, but then you're probably not as much of an Excel junkie as I am. I thought that I was perfectly happy with my ancient Office XP Suite, but oh my is the sun shining so much brighter today! I haven't tried the new Word yet, but I expect I'll be just as thrilled with it when I do.

I'll post some of my favorite new features as I play more with the programs, as well as any problems and solutions I run in to, just in case anyone is interested.

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Darragh said...

Oooooo that is exciting! Seriously I know what you mean about Excel. It is my Xbox... sigh!