Monday, December 18, 2006

A sigh of relief and a brag

Another semester almost over. My final portfolio of papers for Contemporary Moral Issues is one (or maybe two) editing sessions away from being complete, and when I hand that in at 3 o'clock on Wednesday, I will officially be on 'winter break' (which really just means more time at work, but at least my evenings will be a little clearer).

I've been obsessively checking the college's web site to see if any of my marks have been posted yet, and sometime this afternoon my mark for Auditing went up. 97%. Yay me! Seeing that kind of number pop up really makes all of the homework and studying and lost sleep feel much more worth it.

And now, I must sleep.

Hopefully we'll get the monster Christmas tree decorated tomorrow, and I can share some festive pictures with you all.

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Andrea said...

Always told you you were a genius!