Thursday, December 28, 2006

I took a couple of pictures of our favorite tree ornaments the other night just after we'd decorated. I thought I would share, and put out an open invitation for my readers to do the same on their own blogs. Can't wait to see your special ornaments! (Provided of course, that you are as lazy in the week following Christmas as I am and haven't already taken your tree down, or that you just happen to already have the appropriate pictures.)

This baby is my favorite. I got it for Ryan the first Christmas after we started dating. It's a Hallmark, and it's called "Stuck on You", which very much described our budding relationship. If we weren't physically stuck to one another, our minds were stuck on each other. I'm amazed that we both made it through that period with our jobs intact. Totally and completely driven to distraction darn near 24/7.

This here is Monkey's favorite. This year, as soon as we dragged out the boxes of ornaments, she was searching for it. I was surprised that she remembered it, because she hasn't ever made a big deal about it in the last couple of years since it was given to us, but apparently she finds it very special. It was given to me by an online friend as part of an ornament exchange the year that we all moved in together.

That's it for now, but I'll finish with a picture of our massive tree all decorated - I know I'm a couple of weeks past showing off your tree time, but we got a late start.

I'm crossing my fingers as I hit the publish button, because I'm not sure if my formatting is going to work out. If the pictures are on the left, and most of the writing is on the right, I'll be ecstatic. Simple minds, simple pleasures.


Darragh said...

Formatting is perfection m'dear! I would love to share ornament pics... however that would require actually having a tree to hang them on. This year we opted out, not worth chasing the hellion around and prying them from her darling little fingers. Sigh, hopefully next year she won't be such a klepto.

Chandra said...

I would post pics of my favorite ornaments but my darling duo decided that the ornaments were more fun to bowl with and took them all off. (thankfully we only had the plastic balls out for them to steal!!)