Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ways to avoid housework...

There will be eight or so people here for dinner tomorrow night (I was hoping we'd pick up more strays - the more the merrier! - but so far it's just close family) and while my house is not a total disaster, it certainly isn't meeting the cleanliness standard I generally aim for (which some may describe as neurotic, but let's not go there). I'm having trouble finding motivation to clean, and in pondering my lack of motivation, I decided to procrastinate further by posting a list of things I have done thus far today to procrastinate (in no particular order).

  1. Visit Sybermoms. Several times. Nope... still no new posts. Try again 5 minutes later? No. Maybe if I keep hitting the New Posts button every 90 seconds I'll find a good time suck thread? Nope. Damn.
  2. Visit all of my favorite blogs (see list to the right and down). Read the last several months archives on a couple of them. Refresh repeatedly to see if Heather has posted yet today. Nope, not yet.
  3. Check e-mail. Repeatedly.
  4. Play with child
  5. Bathe child (this didn't really help the procrastination though - as I cleaned the bathroom while she was playing in the tub).
  6. Make breakfast for child (made more mess doing this).
  7. Make lunch for child (and this).
  8. Pack for child to spend a week at her dad's (yay! some laundry "put away").
Now, I have done a couple of loads of laundry and a load in the dishwasher, so I'm not really that bad off. The Husband has been helping me out with keeping the house in shape lately, which is always needed and greatly appreciated - between work, school, a doozy of a migraine on Thursday, and a general desire to spend just five minutes doing *nothing*, I've really needed the extra help. What I really need to do right now though is write a shopping list of stuff to pick up for tomorrow. And The Husband had to work today, so I'm SOL on getting his assistance on that one. Time to stop procrastinating by posting about procrastinating. *Sigh*

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